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Trash Panda Disc Golf

Trash Panda Minis Made from Discs

Trash Panda Minis Made from Discs

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Trash Panda Disc Golf says, "Yes, you read that right!

When we originally released minis, they were made from various types of recycled plastic (aka "Trash"). Fast forward to today and we've now achieved a dream since day one:

Through our own manufacturing defects (what we call "thirds"), our disc recycling program, and fantastic partners like FlighTowel, our minis are now made entirely from recycled discs 😍"

Trash Panda Minis are perfect for marking your lie in a tournament or in a casual round.  We have used one of the original "Minis Made from Trash" for all of our tournaments over the past 2 seasons, and it is a neat mini!  The Trash Panda logo embossed on the front of the 100% recycled plastic looks great and shows that you care about growing the sport sustainably!

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