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Discmania Active Premium Astronaut (MISPRINT)

Discmania Active Premium Astronaut (MISPRINT)

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Disc Color, Stamp

Flight Numbers:  Speed 12 | Glide 6 | Turn -4 | Fade 1


Discmania says, "Some may say the Astronaut is out of this world. Our second distance driver in the Active Line boasts tremendous speed, glide, and low speed fade for players of all skill levels. Astronaut has been created to unleash maximum distance for players of all skill levels, especially people moving towards their first high speed driver. Those with larger amounts of power to their throw may find this to be an excellent long-distance roller and will perform equally as well when thrown with controlled power in the air. Astronaut can be expected to have high speed flight out of the hand, moderate to significant high speed turn, and minimal fade. Anyone that enjoys a fast driver they can maneuver with impressive anhyzers through the air will enjoy the Astronaut very much."

This run of Astronaut is in the Active Premium plastic which is a durable translucent plastic.  These are MISPRINTS offered at lower prices than stock discs with a myriad of hot stamps; sometimes double and triple stamped!  

Active line discs are not weight stamped, but range 165-170 grams according to Discmania.

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