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Dead Straight Disc Golf LLC

Dead Straight Discmania 3 Disc Starter Set Bundle 1A

Dead Straight Discmania 3 Disc Starter Set Bundle 1A

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This bundle includes everything necessary to begin playing disc golf at a wide variety of courses. 

Are you a beginner player looking for a quality disc golf starter set?  Are you an experienced player just looking to try a versatile new putter, midrange, and fairway driver?

If you answered yes to either of the above, this bundle may be just what you're looking for!  We have created this starter set bundle to be an accessible option for many players.

The Discmania P2 in D-Line plastic is one of the most popular putters in the game, and this one is customized with a really cool Discmania micro bar stamp.  The Neo Origin midrange is a very straight flying midrange, and Neo plastic is durable and grippy ensuring a longer usable life than a typical starter disc.  The Discmania Active Mermaid is a lightweight but straight to stable flying fairway driver that also floats in water! The Mermaid is a great beginner option to have for longer holes or when there is a water hazard nearby where you don't want to lose your disc!

This package combines a white Flex 2 D-Line P2 with a camo bar stamp with a yellow Neo Origin and a blue Active Mermaid (with red stamp color, not as pictured here).

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