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Axiom SE Fission Proxy (Simon Lizotte Music City Open Championship)

Axiom SE Fission Proxy (Simon Lizotte Music City Open Championship)

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Disc Color, Weight, Stamp

Flight Numbers:  Speed 3 | Glide 3 | Turn -1 | Fade 0.5



Axiom says, "The Proxy shares the Envy mold’s core, lending the same low profile feel and solid grip, along with a short wing width and wide flight plate diameter for superior glide. The Proxy sets itself apart from the Envy with a remarkably straight forward fading finish. A bit of high speed turn potential allows the Proxy’s lines to be manipulated over a broad range of power and helps less powerful throwers achieve straight putter drives."

This special edition run of Proxy is the first ever run made in the unique Fission plastic and was created to celebrate Simon Lizotte's first win on the pro tour representing MVP!  This plastic combines a premium lightweight core with a higher density GYRO rim.  This allows for a lighter throwing weight but maintains stability for a feel unlike other lighter weight discs on the market.  The rims on this run also have some neat swirl effects.  These were produced in limited quantities, so get yours before they are gone forever!

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