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Axiom Eclipse R2 Neutron Starter Set

Axiom Eclipse R2 Neutron Starter Set

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Axiom states, "Just like the Axiom R2 Neutron Starter Set, the Axiom Eclipse R2 Starter Set features each Axiom disc in the distinctive R2 black core, but now with green, blue, purple, teal, and white color glow overmolds, and a truly beautiful rainbow foil for the stamp. The Axiom Eclipse R2 Starter Sets include an Insanity, a Paradox, and a Proxy – a perfect combination of starter discs! A fantastic gift for any beginner disc golfer in your life or a great purchase for yourself. Feel great about disc golf and reusability with the Axiom Eclipse R2 Starter Set!"

This is one of the most inexpensive ways to get started playing disc golf! These sets are extra versatile since they allow you to explore the world of glow disc golf as well!

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